vSphere 7.0 : DRS Re-Designed

Although vsphere 7.0 is a major enhancement in itself with lots of new features added like Kubernetes (Project Pacific), vCenter Server Profiles, vsphere Lifecycle Manager(vLCM), Certificate Management, Refactored vMotion etc. But the one that caught my eye and is completely re-designed after a span of 15 years is DRS (Distributed Resource Scheduler). How DRS used … Continue reading vSphere 7.0 : DRS Re-Designed

Set SCSI controllers to a VM HDD: vRO workflow

Hello All, SQL servers on VMware infrastructure need to be built as per recommended guidelines. One of the major recommendations is to have specific SCSI controllers assigned to data HDD of a SQL server. The idea here is to have dedicated SCSI controllers for each data disk so that it does not pass all the … Continue reading Set SCSI controllers to a VM HDD: vRO workflow